Special announcement regarding Pennsylvania Absentee Voting.


Help shape the future of St George: Click here ( to add your voice to the “Communicate and Connect” survey!

  • Help the Parish Council understand your ideas and concerns
  • Give insight into our community’s demographics and how to serve needs
  • Update church records, including Email and cell for more modern
  • Provide census information for our Archdiocese

This survey is being managed by third party consultant Jessica Umlauf and her assistants, *none of whom are church members*. Jessica is the only one who will see, study and analyze your surveys. If you still wish to separate your feed-back from your personal information, the survey gives that option.

Give us your “two cents” for $5!
For each completed survey, your Administrative Committee will donate $5 to the church’s operating fund! Help encourage or assist others in filling out “Communicate and Connect” and earn for St George.

Our Parish Council has donated a total of $1,606 so far by matching surveys submitted!