Teen SOYO Officers
President, Gabriella Landino
V. President, Katerina Landino
Recording Secretary, Alexis Barhoum
Corresponding Secretary, John Assad
Treasurer, Joy Sabbagh
Historians, Thomas Shetayh & Elie Saba
Teen SOYO Advisors 
Head Adviser, Kh. Mary Landino
Assistant Adviser, Khalil Yacoub
Assistant Adviser, Simone Dergham
Assistant Adviser & Bible Bowl, Matthew Kochan
Assistant Adviser & Bible Bowl, Anna Maria Kochan
Assistant Adviser & Bible Bowl/Classes, Karsten Boyer
Assistant Adviser, Salma Zaoudeh
Danny & Hala Khouli – Teen Career Panel Workshops
Homeless Dinner Coordinator & teen helper – Naifie Khalouf
Contact Form
Teen SOYO Contact Form: https://forms.gle/suNXkBuZxUPqssgt7.

Spiritual Advisors: Fr Anthony Sabbagh & Fr Joseph Landino

SOYO and the Department of Youth are committed to “Living the Orthodox Faith in Christ through Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship.” SOYO’S purpose is to promote among the young people of our parish a complete devotion to the Holy Orthodox Church, its Faith, Canons, and Worship; to encourage the young people of our parish to actively participate in the many functions and programs of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America and to promote a deeper understanding of the Holy Orthodox Church; and to initiate and coordinate spiritual and charitable works and activities.

Also, visit the Teen SOYO Archdiocesan website or www.teensoyo.org.