Order of St. Ignatius

Metropolitan Philip saw the need to study the possibilities of a new organization that would challenge the laity of our Archdiocese to be true disciples of Christ and enter a new dimension of service.

A small committee was organized under the chairmanship of Albert Joseph. The committee was composed of Ernest Saykaly, Robert Andrews, Robert Laham, Theodore Mackoul, Archpriest Paul Schneirla and Archpriest Antony Gabriel. During the Archdiocese Convention held in Louisville in July 1975, a preliminary report was filed at the General Assembly.

The Metropolitan Primate accepted the findings of the report and, by the Archdiocese Convention held in 1976 in San Francisco, the provisional chairman was installed and the first induction to the Order took place. It was during the Patriarch’s historic trip that the newest Archdiocesan organization was called into being and given his apostolic blessings. The first officers and chaplain were formally installed and many new members were inducted at the Washington Archdiocesan conclave in 1977.

Today the order is active throughout the Archdiocese.  We have members of St. George who support this endeavor and give to the betterment of our Archdiocese as well as their own community in Allentown. To learn more, visit the Order’s website: http://www.antiochian.org/order