Fellowship of St. John the Divine

The Fellowship, simply defined, is the service arm for lay ministry in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese by offering programs that assist spiritual growth, provide leadership training for lay ministry, programs for young adults, and opportunities for outreach and humanitarian activities.

What does membership in the Fellowship mean?

Participation in the Fellowship can truly include every parishioner in the Archdiocese in that we are all called to be members by our personal acceptance of the charge “take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it” (Col 4:17).  That is to say, we are all “ministers”, or as it is better describer, a “royal priesthood of believers.”  Make a commitment to form or join a Ministry Team, dedicate yourself to the St. Philip’s Prayer Discipline, or any of the other programs of the Fellowship and make it your way of life.

Programs of the Fellowship of Saint John the Divine:

Parish Ministry Program: Without a doubt, lay ministry is an essential part of parish life.  The Parish Ministry Team Program of the Fellowship is designed to support lay ministry by providing training to parishes for the development of Parish Ministry Teams, as well as leadership and member training.  Parish Ministry Teams are an effective way to address identified needs in the parish and provide opportunity for volunteer participation.

The Humanitarian Program: The humanitarian programs of the Fellowship have been wonderfully successful.  They include: Food for Hungry People, IOCC, Children’s Relief Fund, Mission Support.

Technological Outreach: Outreach on the Internet: Providing a website for the church and a resource for internet users.

St. Philip’s Prayer Disciple: A program dedicated to enhance knowledge of the Faith, spiritual growth, and evangelization for all Orthodox Christians who commit themselves to a common discipline of daily prayer, fasting, intercession and study.

Programs for young adults: Creative Festivals, Oratorical Festival, Bible Bowl, Scholarships, Church Schools.

For More Information on the Fellowship of Saint John the Divine, please contact Fr. Joseph Landino or Khouria Mary Landino or visit the St. John the Divine Archdiocesan Website.