Altar Boys

The Brotherhood of the Altar of Saint George

For some time now the altar servers of our parish have been organized under the name: The Brotherhood of the Altar of Saint George. This name was chosen so as to in some way emulate the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher, which resides in Jerusalem and consists of monks who watch over the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Our parish has been blessed with an abundance of altar servers. The church recently received an influx of several new altar servers but there are a core of several veteran altar servers who help train and instruct the new “recruits”. The act of their serving in the altar should never be taken for granted. In our troubled times, riddled with secularism and materialism, it is difficult to find young people who are not afraid or embarrassed to be closely associated with the Church, especially the altar.

The present group of altar servers has been very dedicated in their duty to the altar. Very often they volunteer to come to the Church during the week to clean the altar or change the candles. Besides their roles and duties in the altar, they also have activities outside of serving. Once a month the altar boys meet on a weeknight to go out for dinner. This is done not only for fellowship but also as a small reward for their dedication in the altar.

The group also maintains the icon and bookstore, which is located in the church hall. The Brotherhood of the Altar of Saint George does have a bank account that is used for its monthly dinners and to maintain the inventory of the icon and bookstore.

If anyone is interested in joining the Brotherhood as an altar server or to make a donation, please contact Fr. Joseph Landino.